Nicole by O.P.I. Target Exclusives: Look At Me Look At Me, For Gold Time’s Sake, Just Busta Mauve

I mentioned on my Facebook page earlier this week that I had recently picked up some of the new Fall 2012 Nicole by O.P.I. colors at Target.  Some ladies requested pictures, so I decided to do a full post today to show them off!  I haven’t really seen any swatches around yet, so hopefully this will help you know what they look like.

The display stand I saw at Target had at least 7 colors, maybe 8.  I saw: For Gold Times Sake (gold glitter), Iris My Case (beautiful purple duochrome), Just Busta Mauve (mauve glitter), If the Blue Fits…(blue glitter), Mer-Maid for Each Other (green duochrome ala Peridot), Look At Me Look At Me (silver glitter), and I Love U Cherry Much (red glitter).   The links, if you’re interested, will take you to their listing on Target’s website.

I remember seeing posts in the past saying that Look At Me Look At Me was part of the Target Spring 2012 collection, but I never saw it on the stands at the Targets near me (and I would have bought it if I did- I own Purple Yourself Together and Great Minds Pink Alike from spring).  It looks like it’s making a re-appearance with this collection!

Although beautiful, I passed on Iris My Case and Mer-Maid for Each Other for now.  China Glaze is coming out with their Bohemian collection in I think August, and we’ll see dupes of these 2 in that collection (for cheaper, depending on where you shop).  I Love U Cherry Much and If the Blue Fits were both pretty, but it was the multicolored glitters that naturally caught my eye.  I was already testing my husband’s patience with nail polish by buying 3 so I held off on the others for now 🙂

First up will be Just Busta Mauve, because that’s the first in my group shot.

This was my favorite of the 3 I bought.  This is a beautiful ultra fine mauve glitter, filled with fine pink and blue glitter.  There does appear to be a faint color shift with the pink and blue glitter- maybe.  They’re so small and dainty that it’s hard to be sure.

I used 2.5 coats for this- I say 2.5 because it was technically 2, but that last coat I put on VERY thickly.  I did not use a topcoat because I was in mass-swatch mode, though I imagine it would make it sparkle even more!

Next up is Look At Me Look At Me!

This one was definitely the most ‘blingy’ in the bottle.  It’s an ultra-fine silver glitter with the occasional pink and blue glitters, like Just Busta Mauve.  Again, I used 2.5 coats with no topcoat.

I think this one could have really used the topcoat.  As you can see in the pictures, there’s a bit of texture there and it gives my nails an uneven look.  Otherwise, application was easy and quick.

Finally, For Gold Time’s Sake!

This one was super pretty, but really did nothing for me with my skin tone.  I think it would look gorgeous on other ladies though!   This follows the same pattern as the previous 2- ultra fine gold glitter- this is a very dark, antique gold- with the occasional flashes of pink and green glitter.

As you might be able to see in this picture, the coverage was a bit on the thin side.  I used 2.5 coats with this one as well, and you can still see some of the staining on my natural nails (for what its worth, the staining is a puke yellow/green).

All 3 applied wonderfully… I had minimal cleanup to do.

These are set to hit Targets in August, but clearly they’re showing up earlier than that in some places and most are already available online!  Keep your eyes open for them, the entire collection is very beautiful.


4 responses

  1. nice colors!

    July 5, 2012 at 9:45 pm

  2. I just found this display today and you’re the only blog I’ve seen that’s posted about the exclusive colors! Thank you for the swatches!

    July 15, 2012 at 8:36 pm

  3. No problem!! I really want to go back and get some more colors- Target has them all on sale right now, and I have a dollar off coupon! 🙂

    July 16, 2012 at 3:18 pm

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