Flakie Friday- Revlon Moon Candy in Milky Way and Moondust

It’s time for another Flakie Friday!

Today I’ll be featuring 2 of the colors in Revlon’s new ‘Moon Candy’ line.

These… aren’t exactly cheap.  They run at around $8 each, which is why you only see 2.  I just couldn’t justify the cost (Imagine that, me not justifying a polish purchase!).  They’re a double-ended polish, which Revlon seems to be releasing a lot of lately.  Crackles, neons, now flakes.

I knew this before I purchased, but sadly these aren’t true flakies.  They’re the thick, mylar flakes that will stick up on your nail and feel chunky.  I still like these kinds of flakes, but they’re not my favorite.

There’s 8 colors total right now, with 2 more set to be released at a later time.  On one end you have a solid color, on the other you have the flakes for ‘layering’.  Most of the time, the 2 colors are coordinated.

First up, we have Moon Dust!

This one comes with a black unnamed color on the other end.  It was a 1-coat polish, though there was a tiny bit of bald spots.  Since I was sticking heavy flakes overtop, I didn’t bother with 2 coats.

This is 1 coat of the Moon Dust flake topcoat.  I had to do a tiny bit of dabbing, but not much.

I honestly was not a big fan.  These large flakes can be a pain to work with- and this one I just didn’t think looked that great.  I bought it because another great write up showed this as being a blue flake- but my bottle is completely different than hers, and mine is just an identical dupe to Color Club’s Covered in Diamonds and China Glazes Lush and Luxe- but not as nice as either (especially Lush and Luxe).   I was sad 😦

The second polish I bought from this line is Milky Way!

This one, I did like.  It comes with a dark grey unnamed polish- and I don’t have a darker grey, so that’s always a plus.  These are also different than any other flakes I have- and as someone devoting 1 day of each week to flakies, you can be sure I have a ton!

The shards in Milky Way look to be similar, though possibly smaller, to Color Clubs Diamond Drops (which I don’t own yet).  Rather than being iridescent, they’re solid silver with a holo finish.

Like Moon Dust, I used 1 coat of the grey, and 1 coat of flakes.  Coverage was ok- only some bald spots and some dabbing.

One word of advice- be sure that bottom coat is dry before you add the flakes.  I was in a hurry, and adding the flakes sometimes pulled my undercoat and completely messed it up.

These also took forever to dry- I didn’t add a topcoat, but usually with only 2 coats of polish the dry time isn’t too long.  Not the case here.

Overall, I’m pretty disappointed.  I’m still happy I bought at least Milky Way, but when these were first announced I was really hoping they’d be more traditional flakies, ala Hidden Treasure or others like it.  But it’s a start!

If you’d like to see a great comparison of the *entire* collection, head on over to SoFlaJo’s writeup here!  You can enlarge any photo by clicking on it to get a closer look.  And also compare her Moon Dust with mine- they look nothing alike!  I want hers, haha!

I need to go out to help with a fundraiser tonight, but I’ve already been organizing pictures for both the next giveaway (I PROMISE it will go live later tonight!) and my NOPI Target post.  That was supposed to be for yesterday, but my week was more hectic than anticipated- but photos are edited, so I will have it set to post tomorrow.


5 responses

  1. nice post! I like seeing these flakies!

    July 20, 2012 at 8:18 pm

  2. Amanda

    Very helpful! I’ve been eyeing those but wasn’t sure how well they would lay on the nail. I pick at the polish too much if it’s too chunky.

    July 20, 2012 at 9:43 pm

  3. Alexis

    interesting that you say that you had a different experience than someone else with the same color. I was at CVS this morning and picked up two bottles of Milky Way, and the shards looked entirely different (one iridescent and the other pretty much just silver) even though they were the exact same color!

    May 3, 2014 at 1:34 pm

    • Oh wow, that’s crazy! I wonder why that is? Since the flakes are different in the different duos, you’d think there wouldn’t be variations in the same shade!

      And oh my gosh, I forgot how my very old pictures look and how my nails used to be. This is a trip down memory lane!!

      May 6, 2014 at 1:57 pm

  4. I bought about half the moon candy collection and out of all the colors, milky way was THE WORST. I actually bought multiple bottles of that color bc it was on sale or clearance wherever I was at the time and I thought I’d stock up. I never even did more than swatch one nail with one of the milky way bottles, and ONLY the flakey side, and almost all the flake ends dried up out of each bottle, and of the solid ends, one actually grew a solid white mold-like substance! I tried taking pictures of it when I discovered it but cell phones don’t do super macro so they don’t really show the depth and thickness of this nasty white junk in the tiny tube. What a WASTE. Worst polish ever. Learned my lesson, only buy my flakies from the better brands like Nfu-oh.

    October 9, 2016 at 7:50 am

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