Nail of the Day: Deborah Lippmann Forsaken Sookie Sookie Duo

Happy Friday, everyone!  As I’m sure a lot of you saw, last night was an eventful evening in the ER with my youngest (he’s fine, just some breathing issues from his virus he’s been fighting), so today’s post will be simple but pretty. 🙂

A few months ago, HSN started advertising their upcoming Forsaken collection- a beauty collection inspired by HBO’s True Blood series (yes, I know the show is based on a book series- I’m a huge huge fan of the books- if you like the show I highly recommend giving them a shot).   When I heard that Deborah Lippmann would be contributing to the collection, of course I couldn’t wait to see!  I ordered this polish duo on the first day of the collection’s release.

There’s a few different polishes available, but being a magpie (ie, I love anything that sparkles), I was immediately drawn to the Sookie Sookie duo.

This combo is made up of Human Nature, a ‘mortal putty taupe’, and Fairydust, an ‘ethereal shimmer’.  Both bottles contain the ‘True Blood’ label on one side, the standard black Deborah Lippmann on the other.

Now, I only own like 3 Lippmann polishes… mostly because I can’t often justify the price in my head.  However- this is one of the most amazing polishes.  It’s self leveling, glossy, applies like a dream- just wonderful.  These photos were taken at 2 coats, with no topcoat.  They also dried very fast (with no topcoat), and didn’t require anything in the way of cleanup.

Next up is Fairydust!

 I’ve heard of people using Fairydust on it’s own as a polish, but I feel it’s better used as a topcoat on an existing color- in this case, Human Nature.

This is 1 coat of Fairydust over 2 coats of Human Nature, no topcoat, no cleanup.

Look at that gorgeous red gold shimmer!  This is not an in-your-face bling, but very subtle and gorgeous.

This combo could be a perfect work-friendly mani for ladies who aren’t allowed to show off crazy colors in a work environment. It’s neutral, but just enough shimmer and sparkle to be fun without going overboard (like I usually do with my polish!).

This combo (they’re only sold together- sorry guys!) can be found on for $25.  There’s also other Forsaken inspired items to check out!


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