Halloween Holos featuring Chirality and Above the Curve!

Hey guys!  I promise I’m still around!  I know I’m a bit behind with posting- and to be honest, this whole month has been a bit slow.  I took a breather last week to take care of various things, but I’m getting back into the swing of it all.

Some of you saw my poor action shot of my right hand the other week- I had an all-the-way-down break on my middle finger from all of the preparations for the youngest’s birthday party.  I tried my best to leave the rest of my nails longer and just wait for it to grow out… but that lasted maybe a day before I cut off every nail (it was driving me crazy!).  I have a fresh bottle of Rejuvacoat now (I had run out, and 3 weeks of minimal usage is probably what was causing me to suddenly have breaks), and I’ve already had a decent amount of regrowth.

So for the next few weeks, you’ll be seeing nubbins.  Not super nubbins like I sported for a very long time, but short.  I know some people prefer that, so maybe not a bad thing!

I took these photos last week for my regular posting, but never wrote the post.  Tonight I’m going to quickly show off 3 lovely polishes- The Symbiote and Just Before Dawn by Chirality, and Fallen Angel by Above the Curve!

The other day I wore a ‘skittle’ type mani with The Symbiote and Just Before Dawn to get in the Halloween spirit.  The Symbiote is a black holographic polish, and Just Before Dawn is a rich orange holographic polish.

This photo was taken indoors, standing directly in front of a window.  The holo effect on both is very strong, but is more visible on The Symbiote because of it’s dark color.

Both colors are shown with 2 coats and 1 coat of Julep Fast Dry topcoat.  Just Before Dawn is a perfect 1 coat polish though!  I added 2 for good measure with picture taking, but for my normal wear I only use 1 coat.  Have I mentioned recently how much I *adore* 1 coat polishes?

This is the polish in indirect sunlight- in front of a window, but not facing the sunlight.  Still absolutely beautiful!

The next day, I decided to wear Fallen Angel by Above The Curve!

Fallen Angel is an absolutely stunning polish.  I love grey colors, and this is a beautiful dark grey holographic polish with flashes of blue and purple.

It’s hard to see the flashes in the photos, but trust me- it’s there!  And it’s what takes this otherwise beautiful holo over the top into awesome land.

This photo is in indirect sunlight- so the holo is less pronounced, but you get a better hint of the stunning color shift.

I highly recomend grabbing all 3 of these colors- and both shops have a lot of other beautiful holos and polishes to choose from!

You can find Chirality here on Facebook, and browse her store here on Big Cartel.

You can find Above the Curve here on Facebook, and can buy their polishes here on Etsy, and here on Big Cartel.

Be sure to check in tomorrow- I’ll be showing off my Halloween polishes!


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