Different Dimension: Santa Baby Swatches and Review

While I don’t post more than a few times a week, I do apologize for being mostly absent from blogging and Facebook this past week.  My entire family has been down with RSV, and it’s affected my 2 year old the most severely (breathing treatments, etc) followed by myself (I have asthma so all chest colds hit me a bit hard).  I think we’re on the mend, but it’s been a rough week.

As a break from all that, I finally got a chance to swatch these beautiful colors from the Santa Baby collection from Different Dimension, and I can’t wait to show them off!

I have ‘I’ve Been An Awful Good Girl’, ‘Think Of All The Fellas That I Haven’t Kissed’, ‘I’ve Been An Angel All Year’, and ‘Sign Your X On The Line’ to show you all.  Missi’s holiday collection of 8 beautiful colors are all inspired by the song ‘Santa Baby’ (you can listen to the video above), with each polish named after a line in the song.

This has always been one of my very favorite Christmas songs, so I was very excited when this collection was announced.  I think the polishes all match their lines in the song very well!

First I have ‘I’ve Been An Awful Good Girl‘.

I think this was my favorite of the bunch!  It’s a beautiful white crelly polish filled with shimmer and various sizes of purple and pink glitter.   It screams ‘girly’!  The photos show 2 coats plus 1 coat of Color Club’s fast dry topcoat.   It applied wondefully, no dabbing or glitter placement needed.

Next I have ‘Think of All The Fellas That I Haven’t Kissed’.

This one is a gorgeous glitter bomb, filled to the brim with fine and ultrafine glitter in purple, blue, and teal.  Definitely more ‘boy’ colors while still remaining sparkly and feminine!   This is 3 thin coats with 1 coat of fast dry topcoat.   Coverage and application was excellent again!

  Next up is ‘I’ve Been An Angel All Year’!

This pretty polish is another white crelly, filled with fine matte white glitter, shimmer, silver and blue glitter.  It definitely gives an angelic appearance!  It also reminds me of freshly fallen snow.   This 2 coats with 1 coat of topcoat.  Like the other 2, application was a breeze!

Last but not least, I have ‘Sign Your ‘X’ On The Line‘!

This one is a beautiful topcoat, filled with golden flakes and silver shreds!  The photos show just 1 coat over Cult Nails Nevermore.   Like the others, the application was wonderful.  My only complaint is that I had to fish a little for some of the silver shreds to make everything look even, but that’s a minor issue.  On most nails there were plenty!

Aren’t these just so pretty?  You can check out all of the awesome colors in the Santa Baby collection at Different Dimensions Etsy store, and keep up with sales and upcoming collections on their Facebook page.   Be sure to check it out!

*These polishes were sent to me for review*






2 responses

  1. I hope you, and your babies are all feeling better.

    November 16, 2012 at 6:17 pm

  2. Great swatches. Hope you are feeling better!

    November 19, 2012 at 2:36 am

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