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Zoya Julie and Lynnderella Connect to Pretty

It’s been a bit since my last post (my kids got sick on the first day of summer vacation, can you believe the luck?)- so since I’m almost feeling better I decided to share some pictures I took a few weeks ago.  I’ve been great at *taking* photographs- just not at the posting them part!

First up is Zoya Julie, which is part of their Spring 2013 Lovely collection.  Julie is described on the Zoya website as a ‘soft wisteria purple metallic’.  It’s very soft and shimmery!  All photos are 2 coats with no topcoat.


I love Zoya, they’re one of my favorite mainstream polish brands.  As usual the formula was great!


IMG_2826Then I added 1 coat of Lynnderella Connect to Pretty on top!  Connect to Pretty is a Limited Edition Lynnderella, which means they can be bought via auction on Ebay (rather than buy-it-now).  I was lucky enough to win this beautiful glitter bomb in a giveaway, but it does still appear for bidding on Ebay.

IMG_2852I had a *lot* of people grabbing my hands to stare at my nails while wearing this combo!  Though attempting to explain where the glitter came from and it’s cost was a bit difficult for non-polishaholics 🙂  While this particular Lynn may be out of most girl’s price ranges, you can find a lot of beautiful similar colors in her newer collections (I also own Beside Herself, from the new Mixed Feelings collection, and while it’s not the same it gives a similar feeling).

You can purchase Zoya at their website here:, and Lynnderella polishes can be purchased at


Jindie Nails: Talk Nerdy to Me and Tainted Love Remix

Today I have some beautiful Jindie Nails to show you- Talk Nerdy to Me and Tainted Love!  Talk Nerdy to Me has been around for awhile, but Tainted Love is making it’s first appearance in months TODAY!  This fun color was originally created back in August, but there were a few performance issues so Jen (the creator ) opted to pull it from the shelves for awhile.  Starting today it’s back, with the same fun look and a few tweaks!

First up is Talk Nerdy to Me!

Jindie Nails Talk Nerdy to MeThis polish is a fun pink crelly base filled with hot pink and blue micro glitters- just like Nerds candy!

IMG_2674This polish applied wonderfully and had great coverage at 2 coats.  The glitter is a tiny bit bumpy without topcoat but smooths out once you add a coat or two.  I used Essence Gel-Look topcoat for these photos.


Next is the new version of Tainted Love!  You can find my photos of the original version here!

IMG_2771I’ve always been partial to this polish- I named it!  Once she created it, Jen asked for name suggestions, and picked mine.  As a prize I received my original bottle of Tainted Love- and because of that, I got a bottle of the new reformulated version too!  This polish also combines my favorite colors- neon pink and neon green!

IMG_2756Compared to the original version, Tainted Love Remix is a much whiter crelly base (the original was an off-white), and it contains a wider variety of glitters.  You’ll find multiple small sizes of black, green, and pink in here, as well as black hearts.  I never had to do much fishing for hearts- while they didn’t come out constantly, they were pretty easy to get out of the bottle.  The photos show 2 coats with 1 coat of Essence Gel-Look topcoat.

IMG_2766As I mentioned before- Jindie Nails is restocking her new website TODAY!  This restock will include her new summer colors, the new Tainted Love, a new LE patriotic polish, and a few of her core older colors.  She hasn’t confirmed a time yet, but you can find out the info when she posts it on her Facebook page!

You can find Jindie Nails here:

International Stockists:,,  http://www.ninjapolish.com

*Some polishes or nail care items in this post were provided to me for my honest opinion.  All thoughts are my own*

The Amazing Duri Rejuvacote: A Review

Well, I said I was back- and then I didn’t post for a month!  I’ve posted a few manis on Instagram, but for the most part I’ve been letting my nails stay mostly bare for the past month.

The reason?  I’ve often expressed my love for Duri Rejuvacote, both here on the blog and in various groups and forums- and a few months ago, a representative from Duri contacted me about doing a review.  I could have made this a basic review saying how great Rejuvacote was- but I opted to go a bit further.  I spent the entire month without wearing a ton of polish, letting Rejuvacote do it’s job and strengthen my nails without much else, to give a pretty honest before and after view of how well it works for me.

I used Rejuvacote for the first time ever back in the beginning of August.  I had acrylic nails in May, and my poor nails were absolutely destroyed from the experience.  They were paper thin (if you tapped on a nail, I would feel a zing), and because of that they were growing out in a slightly flattened shape.

This is what my nails looked like when I began using Duri Rejuvacote- itty bitty down-to-the-quick nubbins.  It was impossible to grow them any longer because they would instantly break.  (This photo was from a post at the end of July)

Gradient nails with Sonnetarium's Samurai PrincessI began using Rejuvacote daily- the instructions tell you to apply Rejuvacote as a base coat on clean nails, apply polish (if desired), and use Rejuvacote as a topcoat.  You reapply Rejuvacote daily as a topcoat for 7 days, remove, and repeat.  Most of the time, I don’t wear polish this long- so I would often be applying a fresh coat every few days.  Duri Rejuvacote was on my nails at all times, with or without polish.

Here are my nails 1 month later (August 31).  While still short, you can faintly see the significant increase in free edge.  It took some time to reach this point, because my nails were so brittle to begin with.  At this point they were significantly stronger and thicker, and would no longer break with every bump.

Darling Diva Polish Dangerous DriverAnd here’s a naked nail phone picture I took for a round up post bragging about how amazing Rejuvacote was:

My nails8 weeks later:

Deborah Lippmann Fairydust10 weeks later:

Tip Top Nails Popsicle and Passe Nati Sabrina Sato- Quero AmorPrior to this, I was never able to grow my nails more than a tiny bit before breaking. My nails finally suffered a pretty major break while doing some serious preparations for my son’s birthday party- in the middle of October.  That’s 3 months as a housewife/mom of 2 small kids (meaning I use my hands a lot, especially with housework stuff) with no breaks!

After that I slowed down a bit with blogging and my nail length became less of a concern- I stopped using Rejuvacote religiously- and my nails became steadily weaker and weaker.  One month ago, they would break or chip at the smallest bumps and dings.  But I wasn’t blogging as much so I kept my nails short, though I have truly missed longer nails.

Starting April 10, I began using Duri Rejuvacote daily once more.  I will admit, I’ve missed application days here and there.  I had 1 bad break 2 weeks into this, and cut my nails down again- so what you’re seeing is actually closer to 2.5 weeks of growth, rather than 4.  But I didn’t take fresh ‘before’ pictures after I cut them 😉

CollageRejuvacoatWhat excites me more than anything- is that I’ve had my fair share of bumps and finger smashes, and all of my nails have remained intact.  Well- at least on my swatch hand 🙂  I’ve had a few breaks on my right hand (but getting your hand slammed into a door frame is bound to break a nail!).  This is just under 3 weeks of growth, and is the longest my nails have been since before the winter holidays- and not for lack of trying to grow them!

If it wasn’t obvious before now- I can’t say enough good things about Duri Rejuvacote.  It has completely transformed my nails, and I love telling everyone about how great it is!  Though this particular post is an official review, I’ve raved about this product many times in the past here on the blog.

I’ve purchased Duri Rejuvacote from, but it was recently launched at Walmart stores in their newly revamped nail sections!  You can find this there or online for a suggested retail of $9.98.  If you need any help growing your nails or even giving them some extra strength, be sure to check it out- you won’t regret it!

*Some polishes or nail care items in this post were provided to me for my honest opinion.  All thoughts are my own*