Blue Eyed Girls Lacquer: Floppy. Hoppy. BUNNIES! and Oh, We’re Not Together

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I’ve mentioned before that I’m celebrating both my birthday and blogiversary with 1 giveaway- so while I wait for the last few prizes to get here, I thought I would start showing off some of the fun things you could win!

My sweet friend Julie from Wishes of a Blue Eyed Girl (who just celebrated her birthday and blogiversary too!) sent me 2 beautiful polishes to giveaway- and 2 to keep ūüôā

We both share a love of a lot of shows-  so when trying to decide what to send, of course she turned to our mutual interests!

One thing I’ve been looking forward to since she first announced it is her upcoming Buffy the Vampire collection, ‘Once More With Feeling’. ¬†I’m a more recent Buffy fan- I didn’t watch it while it was live, but caught up with it on Netflix about a year ago (I ¬†just finished the last episode a few months ago). ¬†Our favorite character in the series is the same- Anya- which is the inspiration behind this particular polish!

Floppy.  Hoppy.  BUNNIES!  is the Limited Edition polish of the Once More With Feeling collection- it will be a gift for those who buy the entire collection (and also win through giveaways- like mine!).   This is a gorgeous sky blue crelly polish filled with purple, lime green, blue, and pink glitter in various shapes and sizes.


I used 3 thin coats for these photos with Out the Door topcoat.  2 coats would have been plenty, but I wanted more glitter!  Application was wonderful- I did fish a little for the super large glitters, but the others all came out easily and applied evenly (no dabbing for placement).


The name inspiration for this polish is a reference to Anya’s fear of rabbits- and specifically, what her very last words in the series happen to be. ¬†I’m not going to get into that, because I don’t want to take up most of my blog post ranting about how much I hate Joss Whedon sometimes (like with Anya’s departure). ¬† The love is stronger than the hate, but sometimes… *grumble*. ¬†ANYWAYS- this polish makes me happy ūüôā


Each polish is numbered- the winner will receive bottle #2!

One of our other mutual interests that Julie used to make a custom polish is Doctor Who! ¬†This is ‘Oh, We’re Not Together’ and is inspired by Donna Noble, one of the Doctor’s companions (and one of my favorite companions).


And here’s the inspiration behind the name, if you’re interested:


This is a gorgeous pink (my favorite!) holographic polish.  It has a bit of a dusty rose hint to it.   I used 2 coats plus Out the Door topcoat for these photos.  Application was wonderful!


You can follow Wishes of a Blue Eyed Girl via her blog, her Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram!  And be sure to give her new Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer page a like to stay up to date on her releases!

The Once More With Feeling collection will be released on September 6. ¬†Floppy. Hoppy. BUNNIES! will only be available through giveaways and purchasing the whole collection- which you can check out on Facebook! ¬†Oh, We’re Not Together is a custom polish and not available for purchase, but if you love holos you will love the OMWF collection- and another pink holo (Buffy’s polish) is available there!

*Some products in this post were provided for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.*


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