Takko Lacquer 2013 Summer Collection Swatches

Today I’m going to show off (most of) Takko Lacquer’s Summer 2013 collection!  I have all but Pandamonium and Bright Young Things- Pandamonium I missed out on during the first restock, and I’m just not usually a yellow person so passed on Bright Young Things.   I will show off Strangely Delicious RVMP tomorrow in a comparison post with the original Strangely Delicious.  The original descriptions from Takko Lacquer’s blog describe these polishes better than I can, so you’ll find those italicized and in quotes.

And if you follow me on Facebook, you’ll know this post is another peak at giveaway prizes!

First up is Nirvana!


‘This is a kind of majestic and luxurious looking polish. A deep imperial turquoise full of golden bronze flakies floating thru out’.

Nirvana is just gorgeous- it reminds me of turquoise (the stone, not just color).  I used 2 coats plus topcoat for these photos.  Application was good and smooth.  I’ve always loved the little ‘fun’ touches  many creators add to their bottles- ‘Shake Me, Baby!’ on the label makes me giggle.  The original bottles also said a cute thing- I believe it was ‘Shake, Rattle and Roll’.


Next we have Get Lucky!  This polish I grabbed at the most recent restock, so my swatches are from today (the others I took last week) so that’s why my nails are a bit shorter.  I also just added this over an every day mani, so my fingers weren’t in prime ‘photo mode’.  I still think they look ok, but that’s my apology 😉


Fine holo golden shimmer loaded with different size of golden holographic glitter speckled with black holographic glitter in a clear base. Can be built up or worn as a topper, how ever you’d like to get lucky!

My camera did NOT like taking photos of this!  This is 1 thick coat of Get Lucky over Lumina Lacquer’s Homesick at Space Camp (post coming for that soon as well- look at me!  Still on a roll!), no topcoat over the glitter.  The glitters went on smoothly and evenly- since I was doing 1 thick coat, I dabbed a little to get more of the larger glitters, but just with a swipe there was a large amount.


Now we have my personal favorite, Schiaparelli!

‘Inspired by a designer who revolutionized fashion with her eclectic ways, this is a neon shocking pink filled with silvery limey green shimmer that shifts slightly to pink.

Is it any surprise the neon pink one is my favorite? 🙂  Neon pink and neon green together is one of my very favorite color combos, so I FREAKED when I saw this show up on the announcement post.  The lime green shimmer is very light, so it’s hard to tell it’s green in some lights- but trust me, it’s there and quite vibrant.   This is 2 coats of Schiaparelli plus topcoat.  Without topcoat, it dries to a semi-matte finish.


And now we have the polishes that will be in the giveaway- starting with Heads Will Roll!


‘A thermal raspberry pink that changes from bright pink in the cool to silvery white in warmer temps. It’s loaded with blue shimmer and holographic shimmer thats always visible in any temp. It has lots going on and I love it!’

Please excuse the water on my hands- it was in the high 80’s when I was taking photographs, so I was having to run inside and stick my hand in cold water to try and get some outdoor photos of the pink!


Application was good and smooth- these photos are 2 coats plus topcoat.

And here it is warm!  You can still see a touch of visible nail line out in the sun, but it’s not very noticeable in normal lightning.   The blue shimmer and holo sparkle make this a white that I don’t mind wearing!


And last but not least, we have Muse!  This is the second polish up for grabs in the giveaway.


This is a cousin to the coveted “Electric Apple: NYC” A smokey concrete grey creme filled with sultry purple-pink shimmer. This shimmer is not shy!

Ah, one of my other polish loves- grey!  Muse is a gorgeous grey, with almost a hint of brown to it.  The purple shimmer is very obvious, and the two go together beautifully.  This is 2 coats plus topcoat.


Takko Lacquer is one of those indies that can be a bit challenging to get- which isn’t surprising, her polishes are gorgeous!  You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram to get updates on when (and what) things will will be restocked, and also check the ‘Restocks and Updates’ section of the Takko Lacquer website (where you also can purchase from during restocks).  Polishes retail for $13.00.

Takko Lacquer is also available from Llarowe and Mei Mei’s Signatures.


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