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Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer It Got Away From Me, Yeah… Collection

Good evening everyone!  Tonight I’m showing off the latest amazing collection from Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer!
BEGL Collage

The It Got Away From Me, Yeah… collection is based on the ladies of Doctor Who!  Julie, the creator of Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer, had so many ideas for a Doctor Who collection that it was simply too many to release all at once.  So this month is dedicated to the ladies of Doctor Who, then it’s time for the guys, and then time for the Doctors themselves (though only 9-12).  You’ll definitely want to watch for the collections- there’s so many amazing polishes in each set, and I am collaborating with Julie for the Doctor set!  That’s right, Monster Polish will FINALLY be available to buy!  I’ve only procrastinated for a year 😉  My contributions are for Doctors 9 and 12- be on the lookout for sneak peaks soon!!

Back to this awesome set of polishes- there are 6 polishes total in the set.  I don’t have Donna’s polish, ‘You Just Want to Mate?’ yet, but I’ll post about that soon.  Each polish represents each of the Doctor’s companions throughout the revamped series.

First up, we have ‘Just Admiring Your Skills, Sweetie’!

Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer Just Admiring Your Skills, Sweetie
This beautiful polish represents River Song, the 11th Doctor’s wife and while not really a companion, definitely an important woman in his life.  I absolutely adore River, and I’m so glad she was included!

Just Admiring Your Skills, Sweetie is a muted purple polish filled with a subtle purple to pink shift.  Application was good, I used 2 coats for these photos with topcoat.  The shimmer is shy with this one, but still sparkly and visible- just more subtle than the others in this collection!

Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer Just Admiring Your Skills, Sweetie
Next is ‘A Snogging Booth?’!
Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer A Snogging Booth?
This is Clara’s polish, the current companion to the Doctor.  Though not my favorite (it’s hard to choose!), I like Clara a lot, and I’ve really been loving her so far in the current season with 12.  A Snogging Booth? is a red and black holographic microglitter polish!

Application was good- the coverage for a glitter polish was really great.  I used 2 coats with no undies for these photos, plus a thick layer of topcoat to smooth things out.  A Snogging Booth? was simply *stunning* outside in the sun- the holographic glitters sparkled everywhere!  It was a surprise favorite for me.
Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer A Snogging Booth?
Next up is A Long Time Ago Tomorrow!

Blue Eyed Girl A Long Time Ago Tomorrow

This is Amy’s polish- and boy, is it a stunner!  I’m not surprised that one of the brightest, shimmery polishes would go to Amy Pond 🙂  Amy is my favorite companion (really, the whole Pond family rolled into 1 is my favorite), and this polish is just perfect!

A Long Time Ago Tomorrow is a TARDIS blue (Royal Blue) polish filled to the brim with blue to pink to purple shifting shimmer.  The shimmer here is not shy at all- in most lights, it appears silvery, but if you catch it right you can see the beautiful shift.  The photo below shows the shift off a little bit!

Application was good, I used 2 smooth coats plus topcoat for the photos.
Blue Eyed Girl A Long Time Ago Tomorrow
Next is hands down my very favorite of the collection- ‘I’m Dr. Martha Jones, Who The Hell Are You?’!
Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer I'm Dr. Martha Jones, Who The Hell Are You?
As you could guess from the name, this is Martha’s polish.  Sadly, Martha is my least favorite companion, though I really don’t feel like that’s her fault- I couldn’t stand 10 during the Martha season either.  I adored Martha in the first episode, and in the last few episodes, when she wasn’t mooning over the Doctor.  I love that Julie picked a quote for Martha that shows her awesome side!

‘I’m Dr Martha Jones’ is a gorgeoussss fuschia polish filled to the brim with green to gold to blue shifting glass flecks.  Much like A Long Time Ago Tomorrow, it dries to a satin finish, and the shimmer is very obvious and in your face.  It appears silvery in some lights, and you can definitely see the gold shift in a lot of lights.  Application was wonderful, I used 2 coats plus topcoat for the photos.

Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer I'm Dr. Martha Jones, Who The Hell Are You?

Last but not least, we have ‘Is That A Technical Term, Jiggery Pokery?’
Too Cute-icle Hibiscus with Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer Is That A Technical Term, Jiggery Pokery?
This would be Rose’s polish.  Rose is a fan favorite, but I’ve never really loved her as much as the others.  I think my favorite companions don’t have romantic relationships with the Doctor 😉

I do, however, have a special place in my heart for this polish, because it was originally created as a custom polish for me last year for my birthday.  Julie then added it to the core line, and has re-released a slightly reformulated version for this collection!

I took this photo last year shortly after I got the polish- the other polish in the photo is Too-Cuteicle’s Hibiscus in Bloom 🙂 Jiggery Pokery is a hot pink jelly polish filled with pink, silver and hot pink glitters!  I used 2 coats in this photo.  The current reformulated version has a slightly darker pink jelly base.  I think it represents Rose perfectly!

This collection goes on sale TOMORROW, September 21, 2014 at 3:30pm EST.  Along with these polishes and You Just Want to Mate?, Julie will be releasing the special edition Terrific Twos, her blog’s 2 year anniversary polish, and the latest in the LE Siren series, Sunburned Siren.  Some older colors will be restocked as well!

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