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Monster Mixers and Elixirs Review!

Hello again all!  I hope everyone had a great long weekend (for those in the US).  I had planned to post on Monday, but I realized a little late last night that ‘Sunday’ was actually Monday.  Three day weekends always mess with my head!  So you may see 2 posts before the day is over!

Today I have a review for you all: Monster Mixers and Elixirs!  This is a new franken polish store run by Melissa of Be Someone Cute.  They’re offering quite a few beautiful glitters, which can be purchased on their own, and some beautiful pre-made glitter topcoats.  You can even buy a few mini bottles filled with polish base and sample sizes of glitters to make your own combos!

I have 3 of their glitter topcoats to show off, as well as my own franken using glitter purchased from the store.

I recieved Stratosphere, King’s Cup, and Lunar Lake glitter topcoats.  All 3 are very pretty!

First up, I’ll show off Stratosphere.

Stratosphere is a beautiful holo blue glitter.  I layered this color over 2 coats of Orly Preamp.  This glitter applied wonderfully, though I did have to dab a tiny bit to get it everywhere I wanted.

I have 1 coat of Stratosphere on my pinky and ring fingers, 2 coats on my middle finger, and 3 coats on my index finger.

Next up:  King’s Cup!

King’s Cup is a beautiful, finer grade gold holo glitter topcoat.  I layered this over 2 coats of Maybelline’s Downtown Brown.  Application with this one was wonderful- smooth and pretty full coverage.

Like the first shot, I have 1 coat on my pinky and ring finger, 2 coats on my middle finger, and 3 coats on my index finger.  This is a finer grade glitter than Stratosphere and Lunar Lake, so the coverage is a bit fuller- it’s not as easy to distinguish between the different numbers of coats!

Last but not least, we have Lunar Lake.

Lunar Lake is a beautiful green holo glitter that is actually a bit more teal than my photos are showing.  I layered this one over 2 coats of Wet N’ Wild’s Fergalicious- I love green and pink combos!

Like the other 2 colors, this one is 1 coat on my pinky and ring fingers, 2 coats on the middle finger, and 3 on the index finger.  The glitter went on smoothly and nicely, and built up well.  It was a nice little pop of color contrast!

 Now I’ll show off one of my personal frankens I made the other night using glitter from Monster Mixers & Elixirs.  I purchased a few different sample sizes of glitter to play with- for this,  I decided to add the entire sample of Nebula to a bottle of base (I used a full size, which is why the glitter is a little less dense than the above topcoats- the sample sizes are perfect for mini size glitter topcoats on their own).  I also added some of my new black stars and green moons that I recently bought from Glitter Unique.  Named by and created for my friend Jen of Jen’s Nail Files, this one is called Vat of Bats.

Nebula is a beautiful fine holo black glitter!  This was 2 coats of Vat of Bats over 2 coats of Essence Grey-T To Be Here (which Jen actually gave me for my birthday- we like to swap gifts!).  All I did was add the packet of glitter into my base- which I already own, but you can purchase in bottles from Monster Mixers & Elixirs.  A scoop of the moons and stars were the only other things added.

If you’re new to polish making, just want a glitter topcoat, or are an experienced creator looking for a few new glitters, be sure to check out Monster Mixers & Elixirs!  You can also find Melissa at her Facebook page Be Someone Cute!

*Some of the products shown in this post were provided to me without cost for an honest review.  All opinions are my own*