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Nicole by O.P.I. Target Exclusives Part 2: Iris My Case, You’re S-Teal The One, and Mer-Maid for Each Other

This post is not technically late.

Well ok, I originally promised it Thursday.  So it’s late from that date.

Then I promised Saturday.  As I have not yet gone to bed, I still consider it to be Saturday in my head.  So I’m totally still on time.

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At the beginning of the month, I posted about 3 colors from Nicole by OPI that I found at Target, which you can see here.  I know for a fact 2 are Fall Target exclusives, though I don’t think Look At Me Look At Me! is new.

This past week Target was having a sale on NOPI colors, and I had coupons for them… so I bought the remaining 3.  And here they are!

Mer-Maid For Each Other, Iris My Case, and You’re S-Teal The One!

First up I’m going to show off You’re S-Teal The One.

I know that the other 2 are definitely Target Fall Exclusives, but I’m not so sure about this one.  I think I heard somewhere that it isn’t- but I’m going to show it anyways 😉

You’re S-Teal The One is a pretty bright blue metallic-y shimmer color.  In the bottle it appears that there’s a strong (and beautiful) purple color shift, but that honestly doesn’t translate to the nail. I could barely see any purple once the polish was on- if I squinted very closely at a nail, I could see some purple shift in individual glitters.

This was REALLY bright!  I definitely noticed my nails a lot while wearing this.  This is 2 coats.  It went on fairly well- I don’t think I did much in the way of cleanup for any of these colors.

Next up- Iris My Case!

Iris My Case is a beautiful purple to greenish-gold duochrome.  Like You’re S-Teal The One, the effect was more prominent in the bottle.  However, you could still see the duochrome on the nail- if you look closely in the photos you can see where the effect happens.

A very pretty addition to any collection- I’m really looking forward to China Glaze’s upcoming Bohemian collection, which will be full of duochromes like this but probably more pronounced.  So this one will still be worth having!  2 coats again, not much in the way of cleanup.

And finally, we have Mer-Maid for Each Other!

When I first saw this display a month ago, I didn’t intend on picking this one up because I thought it was for sure a dupe of OPI’s Just Spotted the Lizard (which is a dupe of Chanel Peridot….).  However, I’m happy to say it’s NOT a dupe, and in fact I find it much prettier!

Mer-Maid for Each Other is a very pretty green duochrome.  Like Just Spotted the Lizard it leans golden in some lights, but unlike Lizard it also leans blue.  The base color is definitely a blue green rather than a golden color.

The name for this one is really fitting, because I instantly think of mermaids and the sea when I see this.  Like the others, this was 2 coats with minimal cleanup needed.

I decided to do a side-by-side comparison of OPI’s Just Spotted the Lizard and Nicole by OPI’s Mer-Maid for Each Other.  I completely forgot to include Sephora by OPI’s Mermaid To Order- but I can promise that REALLY doesn’t look anything like these 2.

You can already see from the bottle shots when side by side that they’re nothing alike- but in the store without seeing both together it’s hard to tell.  In the bottle, Just Spotted the Lizard appears to have an AMAZING color shift from the color of Mer-Maid to Order all the way to golden, but that just doesn’t really translate to the nail (seems to be a common problem!).

Just Spotted the Lizard is on my pinky, middle finger, and thumb, while Mer-Maid for Each Other is on my index and ring finger.   I had trouble showing off the color shift of these, but you can see in this photo- the base colors are nothing alike.  Lizard is a greenish gold, while Mer-Maid is a golden green.  Hah, that makes it sound like there shouldn’t be a big difference 🙂

There you have it!  I’d say these are definitely worth picking up if you can find them- they’re at Target and retail for $7.04 (though this past week, they were on sale for $6.50 at Target).  You can also find most of these and the colors from the previous post at Target’s website, too!

See you all in a day for the next Mani Monday!


Try It On Tuesday: Follow Me On Glitter by Nicole by O.P.I.

Hello all! It’s time for another Try It On Tuesday!

This week I wanted something sparkly, so I reached in my helmer and pulled out Nicole by O.P.I.’s Follow Me On Glitter.  My mom gave this to me a few months ago, and while I was excited to get it- it got thrown into the Helmer and forgotten about, like so many of my beautiful colors.

This shade is part of their Kardashian collection, and you can still find it in most stores.  You’ll find it just about anywhere that sells Nicole by O.P.I. (NOPI)- Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens.  I think this was supposed to be the ‘more afforadable’ drugstore version of O.P.I… I don’t know about ya’ll, but it’s only ever 50 cents less than what I can get O.P.I. for.  So I guess it’s really just a way to get O.P.I. at a drugstore… even though they aren’t the same colors.  Whatever.

ANYWAYS… Follow Me On Glitter is a black and silver fine glitter base, filled with the occasional larger multi colored glitter.  The colored glitter is almost completely drowned out by the black and silver- so really it just looks like a finer version of O.P.I.’s Metallic for Life (my original Try it On Tuesday pick for last week).  I really wish the colored glitter was a bit more visible!  It’s still a very pretty color, though.

All of the pictures were 2 coats of Follow Me on Glitter with 1 coat of Poshe Quick Dry Top Coat.  This was *almost* a 1 coat polish- the second coat evened out a few lighter spots and gave the color a bit more opacity.  But that’s impressive for a glitter!

This went on smoothly and without too many issues- I didn’t have to do any cleanup (though things weren’t *perfect*, I thought it was good enough).  For those that aren’t familiar, NOPI uses those huge fat brushes that people either love or hate.  I actually like them when the color is a ‘normal’ color- but with this thick glitter, it wasn’t the easiest to work with.  I have tiny nails (just in general size, length is irrelevant)- the really thicker brushes can give me some trouble with my pinky finger.

On a slightly unrelated note, my nails are starting to grow a little!  I’m not holding my breath yet, because the damaged areas still haven’t grown out- so my new ‘growth’ is the remainder of the damaged sections- but so far they’re holding up ok.  I’ve been loading my nails down with Seche Vite Recondition, which I got for free at Sally Beauty Supply.  So far it’s done wonders for my nail strength compared to the large amount of other things I’ve used.  I don’t think I’ll be able to grow them very long until all the damage is gone, but this is a nice start- it’s the longest I’ve had them in 4 months!

There’s a lot of other bloggers taking part in Try It On Tuesday- go check them out via Jilltastic Nail Design!

See you all tomorrow!

Nicole by O.P.I. Target Exclusives: Look At Me Look At Me, For Gold Time’s Sake, Just Busta Mauve

I mentioned on my Facebook page earlier this week that I had recently picked up some of the new Fall 2012 Nicole by O.P.I. colors at Target.  Some ladies requested pictures, so I decided to do a full post today to show them off!  I haven’t really seen any swatches around yet, so hopefully this will help you know what they look like.

The display stand I saw at Target had at least 7 colors, maybe 8.  I saw: For Gold Times Sake (gold glitter), Iris My Case (beautiful purple duochrome), Just Busta Mauve (mauve glitter), If the Blue Fits…(blue glitter), Mer-Maid for Each Other (green duochrome ala Peridot), Look At Me Look At Me (silver glitter), and I Love U Cherry Much (red glitter).   The links, if you’re interested, will take you to their listing on Target’s website.

I remember seeing posts in the past saying that Look At Me Look At Me was part of the Target Spring 2012 collection, but I never saw it on the stands at the Targets near me (and I would have bought it if I did- I own Purple Yourself Together and Great Minds Pink Alike from spring).  It looks like it’s making a re-appearance with this collection!

Although beautiful, I passed on Iris My Case and Mer-Maid for Each Other for now.  China Glaze is coming out with their Bohemian collection in I think August, and we’ll see dupes of these 2 in that collection (for cheaper, depending on where you shop).  I Love U Cherry Much and If the Blue Fits were both pretty, but it was the multicolored glitters that naturally caught my eye.  I was already testing my husband’s patience with nail polish by buying 3 so I held off on the others for now 🙂

First up will be Just Busta Mauve, because that’s the first in my group shot.

This was my favorite of the 3 I bought.  This is a beautiful ultra fine mauve glitter, filled with fine pink and blue glitter.  There does appear to be a faint color shift with the pink and blue glitter- maybe.  They’re so small and dainty that it’s hard to be sure.

I used 2.5 coats for this- I say 2.5 because it was technically 2, but that last coat I put on VERY thickly.  I did not use a topcoat because I was in mass-swatch mode, though I imagine it would make it sparkle even more!

Next up is Look At Me Look At Me!

This one was definitely the most ‘blingy’ in the bottle.  It’s an ultra-fine silver glitter with the occasional pink and blue glitters, like Just Busta Mauve.  Again, I used 2.5 coats with no topcoat.

I think this one could have really used the topcoat.  As you can see in the pictures, there’s a bit of texture there and it gives my nails an uneven look.  Otherwise, application was easy and quick.

Finally, For Gold Time’s Sake!

This one was super pretty, but really did nothing for me with my skin tone.  I think it would look gorgeous on other ladies though!   This follows the same pattern as the previous 2- ultra fine gold glitter- this is a very dark, antique gold- with the occasional flashes of pink and green glitter.

As you might be able to see in this picture, the coverage was a bit on the thin side.  I used 2.5 coats with this one as well, and you can still see some of the staining on my natural nails (for what its worth, the staining is a puke yellow/green).

All 3 applied wonderfully… I had minimal cleanup to do.

These are set to hit Targets in August, but clearly they’re showing up earlier than that in some places and most are already available online!  Keep your eyes open for them, the entire collection is very beautiful.