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New O.P.I. Summer Shades at ULTA

Hello again all!

This is just a quick post- I was going to just post this on Facebook (if you’re not following there, you should!  I’m going to base giveaways on FB followers!) but decided to just do it here.

I hadn’t been to ULTA in about a month- which is LONG for me- so I stopped in today while the oldest was at preschool.   Right in the front, there was a large display of ‘Summer Exclusive 2012’ colors by O.P.I.

Now, at first I was confused.  When I was in here only 1 month ago, they had the ‘Summer Exclusive’ colors- and it was just 4, and none of these.   Karen of Frazzle and Aniploish did a great writeup of them here, along with the identical Nicole by O.P.I. twins.  I already owned the NOPI You + Me = Blue, so I picked up Hot Fun in the Summer-Lime (it stained my nails badly- they’re still stained).

Now here we have 12(!) colors and no sign of those original 4 in my store.  I’m assuming it’s like this at every ULTA, but they don’t display O.P.I. online so I can’t confirm that.

So the REAL reason this display interested me- was the polish that’s nestled right there on the bottom row, left side.  Can’t see it well?  I got a closeup!

Yeah, I didn’t realize my phone did a cruddy job with this photo or I would have taken more- maybe.  The manager was looking at me a bit strangely as I snapped pictures of their displays.

It’s O.P.I.’s Excuse Moi!, repackaged as ‘In A Flirtationship’!  Since I just featured this last week and had a few people lamenting that it was no longer available- it’s available again, at least for a little bit!  This is the 2nd repackaging of this polish (It also appeared for ULTA’s Holiday collection this year), so it may not make a 4th appearance.  Grab it while you can if you want it!

As expected, every single one of the colors is a repackaging of past O.P.I. collection colors.

If you’re interested, here’s what each polish is (as far as I can tell).  New name: Old Name (Collection).  These go from L to R, top to bottom on the display.

First Names Only  :  Steady As She Rose (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Passport And A Smile  :  Sparrow Me The Drama (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Talk About An Upgrade!  :  Planks A Lot (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Meet Me At The Bonfire  :  Big Hair… Big Nails (Texas)

Oh, Waiter!  :  Skull & Glossbones (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Where’s My Bikini Top?  :  Stranger Tides (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Do My Back Please?  :  Mermaid’s Tears (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Your Palapa Or Mine?  :  Don’t Mess With OPI (Texas)

In A Flirtationship = Excuse Moi (Muppets)
No Time For Postcards : The One That Got Away (Katy Perry)
He’s My Surfer Instructor : Last Friday Night (Katy Perry)
See You Next Summer : Not Like The Movies (Katy Perry)

They’re listed as 2 for $12, though the manager at my ULTA was telling me that the original ‘Buy 2 OPIs get 1 Exclusive Free’ still applied.  I saw no sign to verify that though.  Regardless, $6 for an O.P.I. is a good price!  If you want to head in and pick a few up, take this 20% off coupon with you!  There’s a lot of pretty re-released colors there, and they’re a bit cheaper than normal- good chance to grab any you may have missed!