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Saturday Swatch Spam

I hope everyone’s having a great 4th of July weekend!  We’ve had MASSIVE amounts of rain since Thursday- last I heard as of yesterday we were at 8 inches, though it’s rained a little since then and doesn’t look to be done until next week.  So it’s been a soggy 4th of July weekend for us, spent inside because of local road flooding.  But it’s also been relaxing!

I figured today would be a good day to post a bunch of swatches I’ve done here and there over the past few months.  Some of these were taken back in May- you can probably guess based on the length and shape of my nails.  I tend to take photos when I wear polishes, and so some of these were just normal manis, some were intended for posts that I never did, and some I just wasn’t happy enough with to post.  I’ll try to give links to most stores at the end of the post.

First up!  My patriotic offering for the weekend 😉  This is Different Dimension’s Right to Vote- which was my Memorial Day mani.


Missi offered this pretty polish back in the fall to celebrate the US elections.  A milky white crelly polish filled with red, white, and blue glitters.  This is 2 coats of Right to Vote, no topcoat.


Last week, I did some quick photos of Hare Bisbee and Bisbee 2.0 to show people the differences between the two.   Nikole sent me Bisbee 2.0 as a surprise in a package I received that week, so I couldn’t wait to show everyone how it compared.   The first photo is Bisbee 2.0 (note the new Hare bottle), and the second photo is the original Bisbee.

I’m glad the new formula is called ‘Bisbee 2.0’, because there are definitely quite a few differences- though you still have the same overall ‘feel’.  The color is different- Bisbee 2.0 is a more blue-leaning teal than the original.  Both are packed with gold glitters, but Bisbee 2.0 has squares, and lacks the large hexes the original was known for.  Bisbee 2.0 also has a lot of shimmer that the original does not have- it was a bit stubborn showing up in my pictures, but it’s quite obvious in person.


Next up is Sephora by OPI’s Metro Too Chic.  This is a pretty taupe polish with a ton of shimmer.  I did find the polish to be a bit on the thick side and had a bit of trouble with application.


This is one of the polishes I picked up at Sephora recently- if you haven’t already heard, Sephora is discontinuing the OPI line and expanding their own line of polishes.  Because of this, all Sephora by OPI polishes are discounted quite a bit.  Definitely time to grab any you may want!


This beautiful blue is Pivot! by Weird Indeed.  Weird Indeed was an awesome indie line last spring/summer, and she closed her doors when she went back to school (or I’m pretty sure that was why- it’s been awhile!)  I feel thankful I was able to grab a handful of her awesome polishes while she was open!


This color was part of the Friends inspired polishes- if you’re unfamiliar with the show, this is the inspiration:


Pivot gif credit:

I used Pivot! as the undie polish for Above The Curve’s You’re Turning Ne-On– they look great together!


This next blue is Wet N’ Wild’s Cabo Cruise, which is a new polish in the Fergie line.  I found mine on the Summer display, but I have since seen it on other Fergie polish displays (which makes me think it could be permanent and not an LE shade).  I had a hard time getting it to show in pictures, but it has a beautiful blue-green shimmer.    I used this underneath Lynnderella’s The Bride Turned Blue (which I posted to IG and my Facebook page feed).


Different Dimension Ditz- which is part of her 80’s Baby Collection.  This is a beautiful neon pink jelly with a scattered holo effect.  SUPER beautiful on a sunny day!  I’ll be showing the whole collection soon.


Enchanted Polish May 2013.  This was really pretty, though sadly I wore it on a slightly cloudy day so I wasn’t able to enjoy it at it’s fullest 🙂


My mediocre nail art attempt for Jen’s Nail Files 2000 likes contest!  The theme was to interpret any Darling Diva Polish into art- I chose Uncharted Space, which was part of her Battlestar Galactica line.  I did a base of Chanel Taboo with a bit of my own polish, The ‘Verse, on top.  I can’t remember the specific polishes I used for the art.  For those unfamiliar with the show- my index finger is a Cylon Raider (‘bad guy’ space ship), and my ring finger is a Colonial Viper (‘good guy’ space ship).  I originally attempted to paint the Galactica on my middle finger but it just wasn’t working out, so it got painted over.  No BSG art is complete without ‘So Say We All’ 🙂  (ignore my wonky cuticle areas-  I had the last bit of a spray tan hanging on and it had dried me out as well)

I have so.much.respect. for girls that are able to do amazing nail art- especially when you’re limited to only nail polish.  It’s HARD!


Pretty & Polished’s Popples, which is part of their Summer in the City collection.  I was lucky enough to win this collection from a mani contest on their Facebook page!  All the colors are beautiful and I was holding off for a sunny day to swatch them all.  I’ve worn these 2 so far!


Popples is a pretty white crelly polish filled with large neon pink and green hexes and small blue, green and pink hex glitters.  Perfect for summer!


Also from the Summer in the City collection, I Want Candy is a beautiful bright pink holographic polish.


I had a hard time getting the holo to show up inside, but it shines outside 🙂


Roundup of where to find most of the polishes:

Different Dimension:  Etsy and Facebook
Hare Polish:  Etsy and Facebook
Sephora by OPI: In stores and Sephore website
Wet N Wild Fergies: most drugstores (I got mine at Walgreens)
Enchanted Polish: Big Cartel Store and Facebook
Pretty and Polished: Website and Facebook 


Indie Wednesday: Weird Indeed (PIVOT!, On a Break, Love Gunther, Troy & Abed)

Hello again everyone!  Today I’m here with my very first Indie Wednesday post!

Most of the time I’ll only be doing 1 polish each week, but sometimes I’ll make exceptions- like with my first post!   Today I’ll be highlighting polishes from Weird Indeed.

You can find Weird Indeed at her Facebook page:  Her shop is also located on Facebook- just look for ‘Shop Now’ button on the header.  She doesn’t always have everything in stock, so be sure to follow her Facebook page for updates of when specific things are in the store!

I currently own 4 colors from this lovely indie shop:  ‘On a Break’, ‘PIVOT!’, ‘Love, Gunther’, and ‘Troy & Abed’.  I recently ordered Pheebs, but don’t have it yet!  Perhaps that will be a future Indie Wednesday post. 🙂   On a Break, PIVOT!, and Love, Gunther are all from her Friends line of polishes, which also include Pheebs, Smelly Cat and The Routine.  Troy & Abed are part of the BFF collection, which also includes Blossom & Six, and Daria & Jane.

First up is PIVOT!  Fans of Friends will probably remember the episode this comes from, but I’m including pictures with each polish to refresh memories or as a reference for people that haven’t seen the shows.

PIVOT! is a beautiful turquoise blue with a splash of fine silver holographic glitter in it that gives the polish a very light sparkle.

PIVOT! applied well and fairly evenly.  The pictures were taken with 2 coats, but I probably should have used 3 for fuller coverage.   1 coat of Poshe fast drying top coat.

Next up is Love, Gunther!

Poor Gunther.  Always in love with Rachel, and always forgotten or ignored.   Much like the character, this shade was initially overlooked and ignored by a lot of people.  Hopefully people will change their minds, because this color is beautiful!

Love, Gunther is a beautiful, shimmering rose pink – almost a hot pink, but not quite.  It’s filled with fine silver flecks that give it a very subtle shine.  I didn’t have a chance to use a matte top coat, but there are photos that way on Weird Indeed’s Facebook page- it looks beautiful as well!  This is also 2 coats topped with Poshe fast drying topcoat.

The final Friends polish I have to show off is ‘On A Break’!

Ross and Rachel… *sigh*

‘On A Break’ is a limited edition shade from Weird Indeed.  This one is so pretty!

 It’s a grape purple filled with holo flecks and ultra fine gold glitter.  The final effect on the nail is subtle but beautiful!  2 coats topped with Poshe fast drying topcoat.

And my very last (but not least) polish to show off is ‘Troy & Abed’!

For those that don’t know, Troy and Abed are two best friends on the show Community.  These guys take ‘bromance’ to a new level!  These 2 are my very favorite characters on the show (though I love them all!) so I had to buy this as soon as it was available.

Troy & Abed is a very very pale blue (almost white) polish with glitter.  The larger and small glitter is pink, white, green, blue, and yellow, and then there’s also fine blue glitter as well as a shimmer.  The color is fairly opaque, so you do get that jelly-sandwich like effect but with the glitters a little more covered.  The final result is subtle (noticing a theme?) and very pretty. Again,  2 coats topped with Poshe fast drying topcoat.

Cool.  Cool cool cool.

So that’s it!  Each polish costs $8.00 and shipping is $2.00 for the first polish and 50 cents for each additional.  Check them out!

Until next time,

~Diana, The Polish Monster